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What kind of real estate does Pacific Central manage?

We specialize in the management of office and homeowner associations.

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Is Pacific Central Management Corp the least expensive management company?

We are in the business of providing the best and highest quality services. We employ well educated and responsible people that are the best in their fields. You will receive the high quality service that you would expect but at very reasonable prices.

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If we want information on management or other services what do we do?

You can contact any person on our office directory; you will be directed to the specialist that is most familiar with the area of management or other service that you are interested in receiving information.

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I would like to look at information from my homeowners association, how do I go about doing that?

You can find minutes, newsletters, and other information in your association section. If will be necessary for you to go to the management section, fill out a request to obtain permission to enter your association section. Fill out the section completely and please include your address or the association name where you live. You will receive an e-mail, usually the next business day, which will allow you to view your information. If you have any other questions please call the office and speak with someone who can help you. Your name and information will be kept confidential as we always do and no one but your fellow association members will have access to your association information.

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Why must I request a password to view my association information?

We keep all information confidential and no one but authorized members of your association will have access to this information. We review each request to make sure that you are a current member before allowing any access. This is not automatic and a hacker will not be able to get into the site without our manual approval. If you sell your home your ability to access the association will be deleted, but as long as you are a member you can access this information.

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I have a large commercial building and have been managing it myself. How do I know if this is the most effective method of managing my real estate?

We at Pacific Central Management Corporation can do a management analysis of your building. We have often found we can manage projects more efficiently due to our experience and expertise thus saving the Landlord time and money.

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I am interested in relocating my business, what should be my first step?

Contact Pacific Central Management Corporation. We can show you available locations and help you decide if a lease or purchase is right for you.

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What items need approval before I install them on the exterior of my home?

The most common items are satellite dishes, any major landscape alterations and anything in your backyard that rises above the fence and is visible from the street such as arbors, swing-sets and trampolines.

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Can I leave my garbage cans on the side of the house?

No, they must be picked up as soon as possible and stored out of sight either behind the fence in the backyard or in the garage.

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Can I park my RV or boat in my driveway?

No, they must be stored off-sight or beside the house if the house has pre-approved RV or boat parking.

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Can I leave a basketball basket in my front yard or driveway?

All associations have different rules regarding this issue so you should consult your CC&Rs to see what is allowed in your association.

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I want to invest in income property. With so many real estate agents to choose from what is the benefit of working with the Brokers at Pacific Central Management Corporation?

We combine our brokerage and management experience to identify untapped value and potential problems that otherwise might not be exposed until after a sale is closed. We have an insiders view because we manage income property on a daily basis.

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Can the board of directors tell me what to do with my property?

The board usually has the authority to set rules as outlined in the CC&Rs or Bylaws. These rules can include fines or other penalties if the rules are not followed. Many of the disputes are differences of opinion and often those differences come from a lack of homeowner education and understanding regarding their rights and responsibilities.
If you think the board is not right on a particular subject, the first thing you should do is educate yourself on what authority the board has on this subject, by reviewing the governing documents of the association. Once you have educated yourself, you are more likely to look at the problem in a more reasonable and rationale way.

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Is serving on the board of directors difficult?

It doesn't have to be difficult; it can even be enjoyable to associate with your neighbors. It could be time consuming depending on your personality. It is also very important to educate yourself on the important aspects of being a board member, the legal requirements, the financial processes, and it is helpful to cultivate some good people skills.
The more organized the board is and the more help it gets from Pacific Central Management and other experienced professionals, the more likely the "job" will appear to be rewarding. The lack of thanks from the residents and no compensation may make it seem like a thankless job at times.

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What does board member service involve?

1. Board members are expected to attend board meetings of the association. Some meet quarterly, some monthly, and some once a year

2. Board members are expected to review bids for services, review financial documents regularly, review the associations insurance coverage and oversee the procurement of insurance, and choose management.

3. Be responsible for the collection of assessments, payment of bills, preparation of financial reports and make disclosures required by law.

4. Generally address problems in the association as they arise.

5. In most cases, the board of directors can delegate many of the duties that are normally required of a board member to a management company, a financial consultant, or others.

6. However, the board cannot delegate the responsibility for the consequences of the actions stemming from the duties that are delegated.

7. The board can appoint other volunteers to serve on committees, to do the research, investigate matters, bring the board information, make recommendations, etc.

8. At the very least, the board must oversee and give direction and instruction to those hired or appointed to manage the association.

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What are some of the most important things the board of directors is responsible to do?

1. The board of directors must maintain financial records.

2. Must maintain or hold owners responsible to maintain the properties and buildings

3. Must make certain disclosures to the membership. Example, associations must have a reserve study prepared by someone who is qualified to prepare this study.

4. A budget and a reserve study must go out each year to the membership.

5. The association must disclosure the following information to the owners through a mailing each year: A collections policy, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), procedures under the law, information about where to obtain the minutes of the association, and specific information about insurance carried by the association.

6. The responsibilities are outlined in California statutes, so failure to follow the statue may have consequences. For example, if the board of directors does distribute the budget package in the specific time period from 45 to 60 days prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year, then the association is barred from increasing the assessments for the coming year, unless the members approve.

7. A board of directors or any board member can be sued for breach of fiduciary duty for failure to follow the statutory requirements.

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What is fiduciary duty and how does it relate to the Board?

"Fiduciary duty" is used in describing the responsibilities for actions of board members. The term means that the board has responsibility for managing another person's money or assets. It requires that the board protect those assets and imparts a special responsibility upon the person who is the "fiduciary."
The term is generally used in a legal context and any board member and/or the entire board can be sued for what is commonly called "breach of fiduciary duty," which means failure in their responsibility to handle other peoples money. This is why the board of directors also carries error and omissions insurance.

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