Office Directory

Michael B McDonald, Pres, CEO, CPM, CMCA, AMS, RS
            Project Manager
            Direct Line 559-322-3443
Kristi Call, CMCA
           Association Manager
           Direct Line 559-322-3446
Nancy Hunter, Operations Supervisor
           Direct Line 559-322-3442
Janee Tietjen, Financial Assistant and Accounts Receivable
           Direct Line 559-322-3447
Geauna Scheer, Architectural Requests
            Direct Line 559-322-3448
Pat Wurts, Financial Manager
           Direct Line 559-322-3451
Seth Poindexter, Customer Service
           Direct Line 559-322-3449
Eric McGill, CMCA
           Assistant Association Manager
            Direct Line 559-322-3444
Jenny Saephan, Customer Service
           Direct Line 559-322-3445
Tammy Williams, Accounts Payable
            Direct Line 559-322-3451
Lillie Pancotti, Customer Service 
            Direct Line 559-322-3452
Jovany Cabrera, Customer Service and Meeting Coordinator 
            Direct Line 559-322-3441

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